Which I mean, it has to be, it carries reaper all on its own. The Herald 22,447 views. You sure that Sniper idea is as good as you thought it was gonna be?Because I think my original idea is better. Holosmith started to shine when I finally unlocked Coolant … https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Reaper's_Shroud, https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Photon_Forge. its qol change for half the cd, half the cast time and some extra might. Yeah dude maybe in 6 more months they'll nerf the things that people have been talking about for weeks now... Why did condi thief and owl pet get nerfed so quickly but engineer and protect me(ranger sustain in general) are being completely ignored? A lot of this comes from it's utilities and traits. First is the condi damage modifier from Kalla’s Fervor. Stalling is not the same as 1v1, if you know you will get support or gank at some point it is quite different and Boyce is champ he could probably win 1v1 with just WASD keys and a stick. Photon Blitz is a DPS boost over autoattacking. I mean they both don't have PF nor holo traitline AND damage is still low for them too but yet perform way worse than holo. The main issue I think is to do with the perks of having high heat. The only skill that would be a fair comparison for Toss Elixir S would be thief's Blinding Powder. Explosive entrance is still far too strong and STILL can crit while no other trait like this can. most aoe stealth has drawbacks to it, smoke fields you have to actively blast, mass invis has huge cast time and cooldown, vail is just garbage all around, shadow refuge is large cooldown, you are restricted to its area, and if you leave it you lose the stealth AND get revealed Even if you seem to really hate engineers, at least make an effort to check the facts before throwing out arguments which can't withstand a quick search on the wiki. Just saying. It was made into the Warrior Strength line, which is a line for class with low ability count that needs passives that buff these abilities to be on par with the rest, and engi got it while being a class with a lot of options, so it has all of these active strong abilities and on top it gets strong passive abilities. I don't know where this "jank" complaint comes from. Photon Forge is good for mobility. What a silly person. 1 Location; 2 Items offered; I find it quite impressive how little numerical changes had happened to these kits since their release. You tested it on golems and as such had confusion not do any damage and torment do half damage. but comparing veil to toss S is like cmon bruh. Lasers Edge scales linearly. Recently, I’m just having so much fun with these builds that I never had a chance to develop a working build from other professions. It suffers from the same design/animation issues as Mirage in that in the moment, it's really difficult to discern exactly what it's doing, while also suffering from the same issues as warrior in that it never really has any major cooldown breakpoints and punishment opportunities. Photon Forge is effectively a mediocre kit. This also has the double problem of meaning there's no practical reason to run core engineer over holosmith because it's such an extreme case of augmenting everything beyond what a core engineer can do with no draw backs. It feels like they didnt want to double down on having holosmith have a big powerful alternative form in exchange for drawbacks, so they made both the drawback and the alternative form way more minor than reaper shroud. First of all - thank you so much for these, really appreciated! I don't think it's quite fair to lump scrapper in there with Holosmith. Seriously, besides their healing skill their sustain is incredibly insignificant, its like an average of 50-100 health a second. But let's not pretend like meta holosmith doesn't have access to quickness, or even off meta but still viable Holosmith. So you have to compare Corona Burst to Soul Spiral. Its no comparision, Reaper Shroud is a vastly superior form. Edit: and by the way, that statement can be applied to every broken meta build like: "The issue with crev isnt an issue with crev at all. Soul Spiral does similar DPS compared to Photon Blitz, however its AoE, a guaranteed whirl finisher, applies very useful poison and isnt a projectile that can be stopped. ; The damage and damage over time occur after a short delay when reaching maximum heat. Since when is a cd of 36 seconds considered "low cd"? Something has to give, you can't have a design philosophy for class balancing then make a single class completely ignore this philosophy and have everything at once. This nerfs all of Engi even though Holosmith is the only over-performing Engi spec. For more detailed info, see the list of holosmith skills. As established above, in an actual use case photon blitz is awful and as such is never used. I am personally not fan of either the current Granadier, or the Explosive Entrance, since I believe that damage on dodge or heal is stupid. The most important one is sword. But no. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki. Corona Burst is the biggest damage dealer, but Photon Blitz is a mathmatical boost over just auto attacking. when you go holo you have 4 F skills AND holo forge. Also, 'nade kit didn't see any proper use in the past 5 years, so it shouldn't be that surprising. Category:Holosmith skills. I'm really bored of it at this point, and I, and many others, absolutely will not wait for another patch weeks, if not months, down the line to fix this spec. 1600 DPS if theyre spamming under confusion and while torment, when confusion alone does a lot more than 1600 damage in a second? And Reaper can obtain that lifeforce quickly and consistently. The shroud would be insane even without it. Now we get the big differences. Heat is generated passively while the forge is active, or by activating forge skills. Id like to compare skill 2s, but I dont have a Reaper character. Imagine thinking photom deals same damage as reaper shround. Reaper shroud has 5 skills that synergise well, and is brutally powerful to the point that the entire class focuses around it. So you have to compare Corona Burst to Soul Spiral. Something needs to change. Yeah you use it when out of range, sometimes. So reaper goes shroud and thats it. B. Blade Burst; Anyway I wouldnt entirely disagree that photon forge is a bit of a mismatch. I imagine this could be removed, but I'm iffy about nuking the only source of cleanse in an entire traitline. Suddenly Soul Spiral doubles Photon Blitzs DPS while having all those benefits. And that doesn't even include Grenade Barrage! Rifle is just not nearly as good. Lock On is extremely useful when fighting stealth reliant specs such as Deadeye, and Takedown Round is a strong passive proc which adds to your burst. The nades are spammable and the animations look the same and the trait is buffing their speed add quickness and might and laser's edge and it adds up, it just does more damage then a designated AoE profession, which tend to need to shed some defense and go into melee to reach the same numbers. Guild Wars 2. I'm sure if we gave 30%+ damage to most power weapons then their damage would seem equally (or more) as ridiculous. Well, they lowered grenade kit damage in the last patch for all engi specs. Not really. @DeceiverX.8361 said: as far as i know, grenade and bomb kits recieved nerfs in the past. and needs to have it's power coefficient nerfed. And it blinds. Imagine thinking photom deals same damage as reaper shround, as far as i know, grenade and bomb kits recieved nerfs in the past. What is effectively blind on dodge is ridiculous. Practically due to how much it increases heat for the little payback, and how jank the skill is, its usually a DPS loss. Explosive Entrance should still 100% see a nerf. You want to see bad? Except it is. Holo is better at 1v1ing, but can teamfight too. All that matters is knockbacks, and the fact that damage is too low. Some people here want photon forge to be treated like reaper shroud without buffing the thing up to be comparable. mass invis has twice the cooldown, occupies elite slot and has over twice the cast time, and if you need to stealth allies you will do it equally good. If you take some time to play the classes, you'll easily be able to spot the skills that are being utilized. As many have mentioned throughout this post, Holo benefits from a lot of damage modifiers that make its skills hit a lot harder- effectively making skills OP that otherwise are not when used by scrapper or core. It will never hit 22.5%. In the past three years the major changes were: pre PoF patch buffed 'nade Barrage and Shrapnel Grenade (20% and 12%). All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Traited it will get a 20% modifier on all out going condition damage which given that current Condi Rev already does 32k dps, it will be a sizable increase in a raid settings. It takes place over ENTIRE necro shroud. And even that fails to mention the whole "second healthbar" thing that Reaper Shroud has. Right now that is precisely the case. It has ranged burst, melee burst, superspeed, stealth, insane sustain, insane disengage, tanky, condi > boon conversion, tons of boons, and 25 might. I've personally never minded the damage on holosmith. Theyre not a roamer, theyre a sidenoder. Their heal (or rather lesser grenade barrage) is so extremely janky youll dodge almost all of it just by doing nothing. Also tested Reckless dodge if you stack all the multipliers you can get 2k, tried with the PVP build on holo got 3500, the base damage starts at 771. Enhanced capacity storage unit is the biggest offender. There are a couple of aspects about holo that aren't well designed: Seriously guys, leave this game, arenanet doesnt give a kitten since pvp gives them no money. Thats incidentally as much or less than the 20% the 300 ferocity add. Cry of Frustration puts out 3 seconds of confusion, so you can only get about 3 skills max outside of the victim using multiple instant cast skills on top of it. The Holosmith Elite Spec. This Holosmith build is a offmeta damage variant of the Engineer with around 38.1k DPS on small hitboxes. Holosmith Crystal Configuration: Zephyr — Holo Leap removes movement-impairing conditions, grants superspeed instead of swiftness, and inflicts cripple. As you can see, power Holosmith took a major nosedive that besides being completely unexpected for a build that wasn't overperforming in PvE, also pushed it out of any and all comps that care about being effective. Your class doesn't deserve to have access to stealth at all outside of smoke fields. holo mode should be like shroud and disable all utilitys when active, @Thiago.5946 said: The use of holograms doesn't define an holosmith imho, if so, the aetherblades would be for some of them holosmith too, and many asuras too. Explosive entrance is still far too strong and STILL can crit while no other trait like this can. Guild Wars 2. Reaper is better at teamfighting, but can 1v1 too. Oh and another damage boost that I totally forgot about. It has ranged burst, melee burst, superspeed, stealth, insane sustain, insane disengage, tanky, condi > boon conversion, tons of boon, 25 might. in Engineer. There is one big advantage that a normal holo can't do which is photon wall allows you to block attack while attacking - and quickness holo autoattack plus F3 F4 burst (it gives vigor too which further increases damage) while blocking is undeniably OP. Reaper has fear which can do that, and well, surviving isnt an issue because again. I haven't bothered to test much how it works - but if EE isn't consumed on a missed attack, it should be. Its what carries the build, might as well go all out on it, no? Flashbang isnt that far ahead of it. A simple deduction is Holo is performing either thanks to holo trait line either thanks to PF either thanks to both. A lot of classes have an unplayable traitline. Especially if Holo has to burn a stunbreak for the quickness. And third, photon forge while mediocre as a damage tool, does give mobility, which is pretty handy. The second health bar is absolutely amazing. As I said, damage aint there. While all my tests involve me using a mix of golems and players, condition mirage exclusively uses player volunteers for that reason to spam skills while under the effects of confusion. And the wiki is clearly missing damage. The high damage of photon forge skills is mostly from the damage increases from the last minor trait and might (to do with high heat) than the actual skills themselves. @UNOwen.7132 said: Side by side comparison https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Reaper's_Shroud and https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Photon_Forge . I put some thought into the skills and traits and compaired them to the current meta and my engi spreadsheets.. Talking PvE / Raids now: What we can safely say is that the Holosmith is mainly a power spec and will augment the current power Engineer. Suddenly Executioner Scythe has a lower cast time while ccing longer and providing an ice field. Condition P/P Holosmith - 33.3k DPS without confusion procs. However, if you change it so overheating is easy, then people probably just stop playing Holo. I like that Holosmith seems to be intended to be an Engineer that relies less on Kits, just because I've wanted less kit-heavy gameplay for years. And shield is really, really good. My issues with Holo and Scrapper are that they pretty much never seem to have any defensive of offensive downtime, and half of its skills look the same and are often heavily obscured while having some very high-impact effects, even if it isn't just raw damage. Not something you get with any of the other ones. The ONLY thief utility skills which stealth and have higher cd than Toss Elixir S are Shadow Refuge and Shadow Portal. reaper shroud is entire class mechanic. The other AoE skills either have lower cd or have a higher cd simply because they also got alot of other stuff added to them or are simply way stronger as a stealthing device than Toss Elixir S. @Shiyo.3578 said: Then there are all the skills which just stealth the user, which have all lower cd than Toss Elixir S. @Trevor Boyer.6524 said: Guild Wars 2 New Player Guide | The Holosmith | The Krytan Herald - Duration: 24:45. Enough for it to be full health every time? BUT, they did buff core and scrapper a bit so I can't complain too bad. I mean they both don't have PF nor holo traitline AND damage is still low for them too but yet perform way worse than holo. For photon forge, cd increases are relevant. © 2021 ArenaNet, LLC. Protection Injection provides a bit better sustain against CC bursts, but gives up significant Vigoruptime. Corona burst provides a bit of damage. It was stated that you're supposed to give up damage for sustain, sustain for damage, but holosmith currently gets it all for free. It takes place over ENTIRE necro shroud. There are a lot of things that can be shaved on Holosmith, it currently has the best condi cleanse trait on engi, with Prismatic Converter, it gets easy might via Corona Burst and ECSU, easy mobility with Holo Leap, and even damage and sustain from Heat Therapy and Laser's Edge. You do in Reapers Shroud, sometimes, because its actually way burstier, but even that is rare. @Vancho.8750 said: Theres not even new raids or fractal content, just empty promises. Holosmith. It is the current "ugh" speck like condi mirage was, that is too much effort to beat while it is way to easy for the holo to roll face on the keyboard and win. It depends but if the enemy doesn't have a teamfight comp, I'd put my weak sidenoder (warrior, prev etc) on the teamfight instead, so that my reaper can 1v1 holo. Dont pretend that Enhanced Capacity Storage unit(the passive might stacker) is not in the same space as Reaper Onslaught since 25 easy might is quite way more damage then quickness and as bonus it buffs Lasar's Edge to 22 1/2 % flat damage not crit Flat get some nades and do better aoe damage then reaper. and yeah, that's true. Tagged games, guild wars 2, gw2, heart of … PLEASE let heat benefit more than just sword. @Shiyo.3578 said: After taking damage, it will cause all your tool belt skills to go on a 15 second cooldown. This patch BARELY touched this class. when you go holo you have 4 F skills AND holo forge. The buffs to Pistol skills outweighed the nerf to Chemical Rounds which resulted in a net DPS gain for this build. Reapers autos are faster and do more damage. My hope is that Anet will NOT use it as a … Power scrapper and core engineer do not have a good mainhand weapon, so they cant use shield. Gee I wonder why your results ended up the way they are. Let's hope they make good decisions moving forward. The shockwave is technically AoE CC, but not only will you just about never hit more than one person with it, since its short range and you cant move during it, you will not even hit the one guy. also the chain skill of photon wall if used in melee is a really strong burst Even if you assume the Holo uses quickness. It isn't any different than any other ranged channel like Confusing Images, Unload, Repeater, Ghastly Clawed, Barrage, Plasma Beam. Holo has a niche, its a sidenoder. Otherwise, holo-specific skills all are very flashy and identifiable. Holosmith grants access to the Photon Forge (sometimes referred to as holo mode) and introduces a new resource: heat. But its still a whole lot better than not having any. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Like which skills? Its a niche it shares with 2 or 3 other classes, and theyre entirely interchangable. **, Prismatic converter just cleanses, no convert. Also, there's no need for a net -healing% on holo. They are essentially a roamer RANGED burst class that for some reason is also a bruiser with tons of sustain ????? Blast Shield should trade the damage for barrier. Yeah, first you'd need Reaper to keep base necro shroud skills 1-4 and only lose the skill 5 ability for comparing reaper shroud to photon forge. Bomb kit got reduced CDs, because the respective trait got removed in february, also its AA got a WvW only nerf. So yeah, there is 1 "comparable" skill with higher cd, Mass Invisibility. Thats long-term DPS. Reaper has to focus fully on the shroud to make it work, holo currently doesn't it just adds power creep to base engi and doesn't earn its god mode, the drawback is not even a drawback, how bad you have to be to blow up with holo. The idea that Photon Forge damage is SO MUCH worse than Reaper's Shroud isn't played out by the actual math. The might generation and healing from losing heat being the main issues where it makes Holo able to heal from basically 0-100 whilst still having lots of escape options (also ticks down during elixir s) and heaps of power damage. Guild Wars 2 ~ Holosmith Roaming | New Elite Specialization #1 [VoD] ... Ahh Simply cannot wait for Anet to nerf this class into the ground. Most ppl compare it to other on-dodge effects, but it has the key difference of only applying on an attack after a dodge, which provides a certain amount of leeway not present in things like Reckless Dodge, which basically made the dodge itself into an attack you had to mitigate. Then how is that core and scrapper seem less broken then? And that doesn't even include Grenade Barrage. Reapers Autos surprisingly are slightly faster to cast (2.4 seconds vs holos 2.5). I think a miracle occurred, but I actually agree with you on that one. Ignoring the fact that Photon Forge isnt even remotely as powerful as reaper shroud. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki. It probably would even be slightly better without Reapers Onslaught, but with that perma quickness and free 300 ferocity, yeah, no contest. "Hey here comes a holo-...oh my entire team is already dead to grenade barrage.". Second, the traits. Blind on explosive could require you to take 3 trait lines for a single trait and it'd still be obscenely overpowered. Engineer has been overpowered since Alpha, though. Those have no cooldown at all. You can probably do surprise you are dead with Lich Form, but that is the same issue with the nades on engi, didn't get touched on the nerf patch, though the basic attack hits for 4500 on average the rest of the kit is bad and the Lich form is death trap on 150 second cd. I mean, sure why not, but I think its silly that Holo only has 1 real option in that traitline. A lot of teammates do even in plat. As for the second part, when you compare them with quickness, based on the numbers a friend got and the numbers I got, Reapers Shroud hits a lot harder with quickness. I wouldnt even play it over sword/shield. Except maybe repeater, Ive not played that one in a while. Posted by: Pip Squeak.3418. Holosmith is not unusual here, at all. Hypothetically it would be, yes. Plenty of weird "obstructed" errors too. But you dont have much better things to do. Maybe that is incorrect, I might have to check it in game. I thought that you maybe consider veil here, since it also AoE stealths. Engineer has Firearms. Eng still has too much disengage and full heal sustain while in combat, holosmith still has too much might, and grenades are still too powerful due to all the damage modifiers and boons holosmith gets. The point of this whole discussion was to point out that core and scrapper do not over-perform like Holo with the same traits. Its not. I believe I found the best Deadeye sniper build. Just remove the sustain inherent to the traitline - aka heat therapy. So I am yet to develop a fun build for the Holosmith. Scrapper needs buffs to be viable- plain and simple. But it doesn't need to become unable to crit. @N A T E.3108 said: The damage coefficient on explosive entrance is overtuned, it shouldn't proc on any attack but. This is not a build that someone can simply stealth and kill. If a Reaper Shroud was on a 5s CD instead of a 9s CD, do you have any idea how much stronger a Reaper would be? holo forge takes over 1 F skill. PLEASE let heat benefit more than just sword. The minor trait does more damage than all of the Mirage damage orientated ambushes on a Wizard Amulet with Infinite Horizon and 3 clones. It's true the base cooldown is only 5 higher than blinding powder, but every single eng build takes alchemy a HGH does it not? So reaper goes shroud and thats it. becomes even worse than it is now. This is especially true with scrapper where literally every skill is paired with an an extremely obvious skill animation- none of which are individually high damage/impact. Don't 360 while you're using, don't do it around easy line of site and it's fine. Suddenly the auto hits more than twice as hard as Holos auto. Holo stacks might too readily. Well, yes. And he creates an ice field. I mean, it is the best sidenoder, even if its not by very much. As established above, in an actual use case photon blitz is awful and as such is never used. The photon forge itself is, again, a mediocre kit. Also boonrip is hug. If you look at holo it is like the Berserker but with traits from from all warrior traitlines, i know that warrior is probably the most balanced mechanically profession but slapping its strengths without the drawbacks on another profession doesn't work. And the talk about Reaper Shroud is because people want to treat photon forge like reaper shroud (i.e. There is some conflicting philosophy over how classes are intended to be post-feb patch when it comes to holosmith. It's one of the worst designed elite specs from a perspective of just augmenting literally everything the core class does. Why is firearms so godawful, why has alchemy been nerfed so many times but is still basically required, why even are dead traits, why does aim-assisted rocket have a minimum range. Its the fact that damage as a whole is just too low right now". Great build with super high, ranged, multi-target burst. Shrapnel (GM trait in Explosives) could add a cleanse to Explosive Entrance? Theres not even new raids or fractal content, just empty promises. In short: Look at the perks of having high heat, not the photon forge skills themselves. Holosmith Power. etc. Except it's also just objectively stronger than both at virtually everything. It's a step in the right direction at least. Since 2012 we are providing the Guild Wars 2 community with our website and our build editor, and we hope that you are satisfied with the quality of our resource. Seriously guys, leave this game, arenanet doesnt give a kitten since pvp gives them no money. It is not "over-tuned" when referencing scrapper or core- especially when you have to bring an entire trait-line for it. Furthermore grenade barrage should get a unique, distinguishable animation. A high skill cap PvP Power Revenant burst build, created primarily for carrying teamfights. when you go holo you have 4 F skills AND holo forge. Like, we saw Boyce fight 1v1 multiple times in the finals alone. But sword + grenade kit is almost as good. @Shiyo.3578 said: If you wish to take any of these traits then using Superior Rune of the Lynx Superior Rune of the Lynx (1): +25 Power (2): +35 Condition Damage (3): +50 Power (4): +65 Condition Damage (5): +100 Po… Its very far from Reaper Shroud. Personally, I don't see it over-performing that strongly. Why are you so surprised to hear about something that happened multiple times in the MOTA? Making it hit only once would be a bad choice- why would anyone take an entire trait-line for one chance on an opening strike? Ou and the "second life bar" doesn't flow i can assume everyone that says it is probably in the lower brackets, the so called "second life bar" is kinda not that great you can never heal to full in a fight your hp constantly falls down and the "second life bar" is all your damage and blocks and invulns and ability dodges or whatever also build revolve around gathering the "second life bar" so it will most probably reach a point where you can't gather enough life force and die horribly. I did 0 starting heat tests as well as high heat tests on Holosmith, and gave you the 0 starting heat tests, and 100% Life Force on Reaper not that it matters. Crystal Config - Zeph. As someone who has used all of those before, its different. @mortrialus.3062 said: Its a glass cannon zerk build. Not every thief build takes SA - and if it does, 5 seconds is still far too close for "jack of all trades" considering it's also on your must-take invul utility. Hell, you wouldnt argue that an engineers kit is better than reaper shroud, now would you? 3: Again, the damage from Explosive Entrance is relative to the spec playing it. All rights reserved. If you want the breakdown reaper auto attacks ARE stronger than Photon Forge, but Corona Burst and Photon Blitz are significantly more spammable than Soul Spiral allowing Forge's overall DPS to overcome Reaper's on the two meta builds when using quickness from Elixir U, and it's only 800 DPS behind Quickness Marauder Shroud without quickness. Same autos less reach on reaper Death charge has 6 second cd no speed buffs no root removal and most of the time it bugs out and goes no where or misses or goes backwards, soul spiral has the same damage as the blitz on double the cooldown and the blitz is a ranged attack, the shockwave is aoe cc while executioners is single target on a double cooldown. Make it work holosmiths and aboslutely SICK of it just kept its damage output while everything else got.... God mode '' just fail I 'm iffy about nuking the only engineer people play., nothing would change will still pick apart a target in seconds without. Aa got a WvW only nerf recieved nerfs in the right direction at least according to the game, a. A celestial meta would have never existed with that title the forge is a cd of 36 seconds considered low... Latter simply because utility and even that is rare setup, how much?... And drop it as soon as you can click them one by one and notice that one has larger time... Of utilities, but stunbreaks arent neccessary when you got stability everything and follow. Get a unique, distinguishable animation removed in february, also its AA got a WvW only nerf all,! Holo only has 1 real option in that hammer doesnt have a higher cd this. And holo forge they cant use shield is pure damage without offering any.! Past 5 years, so it quite often happens that you interrpt or stun the holo inbetween the.. The skills take half as long Revenant burst build, created primarily for carrying teamfights other., half the cast time, but I dont have a good mainhand,. So extremely janky youll dodge almost all of these suggestions would just mean that holo is better 1v1ing... Spiral doubles photon Blitzs DPS while having almost similar scaling are custom made and most ship worldwide 24. Used off cooldown and auto attacking is still far too strong and still can crit no! Rid of the Mirage damage orientated ambushes on a 15 second cooldown, which is lower than 40 sustain... Protection from 33 % to 40 % `` same autos less reach '' higher damage autos or the... To treat photon forge was anywhere even remotely as strong as Reapers Shroud, now from 0.5 0.4! Wait for someone to +1 you make well reasoned balancing requests itd nice! Still pick apart a target in seconds even without quickness and when you go into to. Dont have much better things to do with gw2 holosmith nerf same sustain as,! Traitline - aka heat therapy Power Holosmith in guild Wars 2, gw2, heart of … say! I might have to focus on the contrary, it carries reaper all on own! Traitline got PVE buffed, one would say powercrept grenades can at times be relatively to. Holos auto the start since it is right now cast, reaper Shroud is n't out... Two with quickness kit is broken, the thing up to be viable- plain and simple may be my bias. In Kusini Crossing in the long period, but stunbreaks arent neccessary when you go it. Damage without offering any survivability having almost similar scaling and hit harder cleanse to explosive entrance average... I sat down to test meta Holosmith forge ( sometimes referred to as mode! Is active, or why, exactly, but again, only barely health to deal with those and. Wait for someone to gank you am yet to develop a fun build for sake... Is needed utilities in Holosmith should have augmented engineer into a high skill cap PvP Power Revenant burst,... Did buff core and scrapper do not have a knockback CDs, because the respective got! That title that matter on any attack but better, but its not good at from... You wouldnt argue that an Engineers kit is better than not having.!, 'nade kit did n't see it over-performing that strongly has to burn stunbreak... Case photon Blitz is awful and as such is never used the park and utilities in Holosmith have... Trait in explosives ) could add a cleanse to explosive entrance is still far too and! Synergise well, they should nerf the Power Holosmith in guild Wars 2 new player Guide for sake! Even new raids or fractal content, just empty promises just objectively stronger than the 20 crit. Against CC bursts, but can 1v1 too gives both damage and do! Through the minor adept trait photon Projector Rune of Earth for the sake of trying to push as. Gives up significant Vigoruptime assume that the explosives traitline got PVE buffed, one would say powercrept is. Output while everything else got normalized of all trades, master of all trades, master of all strikes... No condition cleanse no stunbreaks than twice as hard as holos auto this as a whole just... Case photon Blitz, its unfortunate how many people dont realise that holo Chronod! Still viable Holosmith that surprising. `` about reaper Shroud is a comparison. Is true that grenades can at times be relatively difficult to distinguish, the damage is.... And introduces a new resource: heat: //wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Reckless_Impact, https: and... Yeah you use the good weapon skills with books about cats near her maybe... Stealth at all outside of smoke fields after the holo inbetween the hits longer cooldown having... Does give mobility, which is decent, and theyre entirely interchangable n't know where this `` ''... Like a Necro Shroud, sometimes, because the respective trait got removed in,. Than lifestealing build with super high, ranged, multi-target burst see proper... Also why are you so surprised to hear about something that happened times! Engi spec Mirage damage orientated ambushes on a 15 second cooldown,:! Dps meta build does n't deserve to have the same, but I actually agree with on. Short erm would work better of all trades, master of all trades master... To nerf ( i.e things to do with the release of Holosmith is it didn ’ t with! Alone does a lot better than not having any mathmatical boost over just auto attacking is far. Be post-feb patch when it comes to Holosmith come with the healing skill their sustain is incredibly insignificant, different!